VISIT: Visionen


The "Visionen" is the magazine published by the VIS and is distributed among all VIS members as well as employees of the Computer Science department at ETH Zurich.


The 'Verein der Informatik Studierenden an der ETH' (VIS; Association of Computer Science Students at the ETH) has published Visionen, it's offical organ, since 1984. The first issue dates back to the 18th of May 1984.

Since the founding days the magazine has continually improved and expanded in new directions. Today, Visonen positions itself as an informative magazine, that has the ambition to be more than a student's union magazine.


The Visionen is produced by a group of students and is based on voluntary work. The articles are written by students, assistants, professors and industry veterans, and are either in German or in English.


The Visionen covers a wide spectrum of themes:

  • Articles concerning the courses, in collaboration with the department, such as profiles of new professors or changes to the curriculum.
  • Articles about the various aspects of Computer Science: current research topics, legal and social aspects and also technical articles.
  • Articles about student life and cultural events.


  • Computer Science students at ETH Zurich
  • PhD candidates in Computer Science at ETH Zurich
  • Professors of the Computer Science department at ETH Zurich
  • Alumni of the ETH
  • Interested companies


VIS members receive the magazine automatically and free of charge. This includes more than 90% of all current computer science students at ETH. The remaining copies are placed in the buildings of the departement and other important buildings of the ETH.

For Companies

It is possible to publish advertisements in the Visionen. Your ad will reach more than 1000 people involved with Computer Science. You can find more information here.