About VIS

Computer Science at ETH Zurich

The studies of Computer Science at ETH, founded in 1981, is a relatively young curriculum, which - not unlike its field - experiences constant moving. Yet this very dynamic field has to meet the expectations of a classic engineering curriculum and demands a big effort from the studies directorship as well as the students.

Student associations at ETH

Under the umbrella association VSETH almost every field of studies has its own student association. About 90% of all students are member of one of these associations. The task of an association is mostly the correspondence between the particular departments and the students.

On the other hand they represent the students in front of the student directorship and offer their members all sort of services. Some of them are providing important documents or organizing social, recreational events.


The computer science student association, VIS, is the second biggest student association at ETH Zürich. Its core consists of the 11 members of the board which are all working in an honorary capacity. The primary goals of VIS is the support of the Computer Science students. To face this task, there are several committees under the guidance of the board. These fulfill amongst others the following tasks:

  • Recruiting event Kontaktparty with emphasis on students of computer science and related fields
  • Online services such as a forum for students
  • Magazine «Visionen» for members of the association and the members of the department of computer science
  • Representation of computer science students in front of ETH Zürich
  • Curricular support (e.g. exam collection)
  • Organisation of presentations, seminars or excursions
  • Promotion of new students, circularisation of the study of computer science
  • Organisation of social and recreational events

What does VIS not represent?

VIS will not be able to provide services, which either represent illegal behaviour or lie outside its authority, such as:

  • Propagation of postal and email addresses
  • Installation of poster in the building of computer science at ETH
  • Distribution of flyers and brochures in the building of computer science at ETH
  • Publication of advertisements on the website of VIS

In some cases the studies administration is in charge and might provide further information.

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